Light and Felt studio

I am a textile, fibre, and paper artist.

Previously I worked with silk and other materials until I discovered this specific papier-mache technique. Paper is a very versatile material. It enables me to experiment with colours and light at the same time.
Another one of my passions is painting with wool, with the element of surprise.

Both techniques are fun, and the possibilities are limitless. My inspirations are colours and nature, flowers and abstract paintings.

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In the last ten years, I exhibited in many art and craft fairs, around London and south-east England.
Some of them are:

Landmark Arts Centre - Teddington 
South Hill Park Arts Centre - Bracknell
Farnham Maltings - Farnham
Craft in Focus - Canterbury 2014,  Wisley Gardens 2023
Wool Fair - London


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Textile Collage and Embroidery Art

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